Uniformed Manned Guarding

JNR Security uniformed guards are trained to look out for and react to any unusual or threatening situation with rapid response and efficiency. This ensures that all unwanted incidents are nipped in the bud, giving our valued client the most needed peace of mind.

Our officers conduct regular patrols, both inside and outside buildings including the perimeters of all facilities under our watch. By so doing we make sure that vandalism and theft are prevented.

Our customers can count on our officers who are trained and vetted to the highest security standards and have been licenced by the SIA and those working in construction sites have all undergone the Health and Safety awareness training and have the CSCS card.

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Mobile Patrol

Our mobile patrol service consists of pre-arranged number of visits to your premises. Sometimes the visits are carried out at random times. This acts as an effective deterrent to protect premises like schools, factories, car parks etc from acts of vandalism and theft. Mobile patrol also plays a key role in preventing / minimising damage by early detection of fire or other safety hazards.

– Chemical spills
– Leaking pipes
– Unhealthy conditions etc

A complete record of every patrol is available upon request.

Retail Security

JNR Security provides the highest standard of service that is aimed at preventing threats of shoplifting incidents in your premises. Our officers also ensure that conflicts between staff and customers are kept at bay. Our security officers have received training to enable them carry out their mandate with professionalism.

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Ware Housing Guarding

We provide specialised services that help to deter theft and vandalism. Our security officers have extensive experience and expertise in providing the best services to your business.

Key Holding

Key-holding is an integral part of running a successful business. JNR Security is a trustworthy key holder and can make sure that your premises is locked and opened on time with all the health and safety checks carried out before workers report to work. Our officers can hold keys to your premises when required.

Static Guarding

Static Guarding is key to reducing risks and preventing losses for business. Our security officers remain alert, aware and prepared always. They are professional, highly trained and certified. They can provide you with the level of security that suits your business. JNR Security officers have the experience and the confidence that will meet your expectations at all times.

Key security functions include:

– Guarding of vital installations
– Protection of offices, equipment, and buildings
– Static surveillance
– Traffic control and parking protection.
– Security of materials and movement control.


Construction site Security and Gate keeping

JNR Security provides security cover in your building site during the day or shutdown periods, weekends and holiday seasons. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have expert personnel and systems tailored to meet the needs of the construction industry.

We have security officers who are specifically trained for construction site security and have gone through the Health and safety awareness training and have done and attained the CSCS card. On each site are clocking on machine which records patrols carried out around the key points of the construction site. Our rates are exceptionally competitive.